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終於要開學了耶!!!!  睽違了三個月,終於又有書本可以念了!!!!(XD)

不過說真格的,三個月真的有點荒廢掉了,除了其中兩個禮拜在紐西蘭不說,剩下的日子都是在打電腦,用噗浪,頂多偶爾(甚至連偶爾的程度都不到)玩玩卡坦.  不過倒是有一點值得炫耀一翻:幫同學組電腦,還因此賺了三千塊, 而光華商場也變成了我經常出沒的地區了!!!

前陣子在系站看到實驗室徵工讀,就理所當然地去回文了,結果居然真的就錄取了. 星期一早上先到系辦確認我的打工行程, 預計這星期四下午正式上工.

校外活動方面,早已在上禮拜新生訓練週時就已經報名了[星光小學]的志工,第一次任務是在10/16~10/17,屆時將會帶領台東地區的小學生參觀台北天文館,貢獻己身服務大眾,歡迎有興趣的同學到 中大課外組 報名.



    The new semester starts. And I finally have something serious to do after 3-month-boring-vacation.

    Frankly speaking, I have totally idled these months in which I only use my laptop all days plurking and chatting, or sometimes, even less than sometimes, playing CATAN with some of my friends. However, there was still something worthwhile that I've done in the summer, that is to help my classmate choose a computer and install softwares for him. Since that, I've got 3000 dollars and the Kuang-Hua Market become one of the places that I usually appeared.

    Besides the long long boring things I've done above, I also got a message from the BBS last week that a lab in the Department of Atm. needs some helpers. Of course I replyed and got the admission. As the result, I will go to the lab tomorrow to ensure the timetable of my job and start working at Thursday.

    At the part of the activities outside the school, I've also sign to attend the "Starry School" at 16th and 17th of October in which I will lead some elementary school students from Taitung to visit Taipei Astronomical Museum teaching them some knowledges about Universe. The organizer still need some persons to participate this activity, if you are interesting in the activity, you can go sign up at the department of the extracurricular activities at Zong-Zeng Library in NCU.

    The new semester is now starting. Let's do our best together at curricula, entertainment, enjoyment, and all other things that need us to fulfill.

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  1. 哈哈 英文不甚好~~~~若有需要改進 敬請留言!!!!!!

  2. XDD 剛剛自己讀了一遍~~~~