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必修17堂,跟高中差好多呀,整個就是不習慣. 弄得我很想排一堆通識課,卻發現有趣的通識課都很喜歡排成連三堂(234或678之類的),而偏偏蠻多必修課都是兩堂的(34或56之類),理所當然地撞得亂七八糟,只得勉為其難地選了第二有趣的課了~~~


另外,若賀兄有看到此文,請注意其德文課只開初階班,也就是說 : 上完就沒了~~~

I've arranged my new class chart yesterday and browsed my classes. They're quite different from my senior-high-classes since I only have 17 obligatory classes now, and makes me want to add my own GS classes. However, I found that all the insteresting GSs are 3 classes together a day and cover many of my obligatory classes which are 2 classes together. So in the long run, I can choose the GSs which are interesting but not the most only.

After arranging all my classes, I have 27 classes per week and still lots of leisure time, which is much more better than the situation with 17 classes per week.

PS. If Mr HE see the article, please mind that the German class only has the elementary level. So after you finish that, you don't have other premium class to study.